I am Jocelyn Sailor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. I am a wife, mom, and School Social Work Coach in my district. I have been in the school social work field for the last 10 and prior to school social work, I worked in child protection and medical social. I also work as a part-time therapist at my family's private practice and I am the owner of School Social Work Solutions LLC.

I empower school social workers to position themselves to be the mental health expert in their school by creating boundaries, developing systems and implementing radical self care. In November 2020, while sitting at home during the pandemic, an idea came to me to create a product for school social workers, school counselors, social workers and social work students that will support them with their time management, organization, self care and productivity, as well as provide a wealth of resources. The idea was the School Social Work Solutions Academic Resource Planner. I began typing the planner in a google doc and the journey to bring my vision to life began.

The School Social Work Solutions Planner is a product I put my heart into and know it will help so many social workers to prioritize their wellness, have more productive workdays and resources to reference when they are feeling stuck. I am so thankful for all of you being here and helping make this dream a reality. 

I strive to continue to make products that will uplift and empower school social workers, social work students and other mental health professionals with class, style and functionality.

Happy Planning!

Jocelyn Sailor, LCSW

Educare School
School Social Work Solutions
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